Saturday, November 12, 2016

Third World Aspirations And No Way Out

"At the end they elected a reality TV star to be their saviour. The next tier down of moron to blow smoke up their asses..." 

There was only one way corporations could keep getting away with this con job:

To recap, the week in madness via the S&P futures:
The market rallied into the election assuming Clinton would win. When Camacho took the lead, the futures fell 100 S&P points limit down deja vu of Brexit. However, gamblers didn't panic, they stepped in at midnight and bought with both hands. By the time the U.S. opened, the market was down 20 points and then closed up 20 points. The rest of the week was a 'non-event' for the overall market index...

The U.S. open is circled:

Now compare the S&P daily index this week versus Brexit. The intraday Trump collapse doesn't even show up. The index itself bottomed a week ago Friday and then gapped up 30 points last Monday when the FBI waived Hillary of any wrongdoing. The election intraday drop is a blip on this daily chart (blue arrow):

The noose is tight:
VIX in red

I think we all see where I'm going with this, but it gets better or worse depending on how one is positioned...

Short-covering. Check.
The recent high point was just after Brexit...

This is buying intensity (Inverse TRIN):

Stock market inflows this week, via Zerohedge:
"the market reversal was spectacular in flow space with both institutional and retail investors rushing to buy the dip. $22 billion poured into US equity ETFs over the past three days, which is not only three times larger than the outflow seen in the previous week before the election, but it presents the strongest 3-day buying streak since last January."

"this rush to buy the equity market dip caused a much faster market reversal relative to Brexit."

In other words, the 'exuberance' of gamblers is greater than it was post-Brexit.

From here down is where it gets a bit "different":

Big Cap Tech new highs peaked post Brexit:

Liquidity peaked with Brexit
Price / volume:

The Maximum volatility fund peaked post-Brexit:

Consumer staples

Real Estate

Risk Parity Funds

Municipal Bonds




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