Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Enjoy The Forrest Trump Rally aka. Final Rotation

Imploding Globalization is another buying opportunity -  because what else could it be? Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know when bad ideas are going to end badly...

Trump's election has triggered a colossal short-covering rally on 400% of average volume, featuring all of the sectors that were being shorted as part of the "Hillary trade" e.g. Biotech. And of course volatility is getting crushed because that was going to happen regardless of who got elected...

Overnight futures tell the tale:

"Buy now, just like Brexit - who cares if we were wrong about the election outcome...It's end of the year and it's not our money anyways..."

Buying intensity:
Inverse TRIN

Yield is getting monkey hammered



Muni bonds

Real Estate (REITS)

It's called the law of unintended implosion 

Emerging Markets getting hammered:

Anything bought by humans e.g. Tech, not impressed:

Could last a few more hours, or just stall at the exact same level as the last time buying was this lopsided: