Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Fox Is In The Henhouse. Circa Cuban Revolution

CNBC Nov. 29, 2016
Trump Expected To Name Billionaire Wilbur Ross To Commerce Secretary

CNBC Nov. 29, 2016
The Forrest Trump Portfolio Is A 1950s Cyclical Investor's Wet Dream

Trump is this cycle's reflationary false dawn. He just pushed gamblers into a bunch of dead-end cyclical junk at the end of the cycle.

Russell / Dow ratio with small banks (black):

But don't take my word for it:

Westmoreland Coal

Fannie Mae

Freeport McMoran

Bristol Myers

Bank of America

Suncor Energy

Lockheed Martin

"Run Forrest, Run"
Generation Garbage just sold their soul to the orange devil, who promised them eternal wealth at the mere expense of the planet and their children's future.

"In the broadening (megaphone) top formation five minor reversals are followed by a substantial decline...smart money is out of the market in such formation and the market is out of control."

"Happy days are here again. We're taking the elevator ride back to the 1950s..."