Wednesday, November 9, 2016

"Good News, The Biggest Rally Since The Last Bear Market"

Today was all about sucking in the last sideline money for the big Santa Rally...

ZH: Last week
Longest Losing Streak Since Lehman

Biggest Intraday (Short-Covering) Rally Since October 2008

Stop me any time...

Laggards (Financials/Transports) playing catch-up. Check.
Growth / value rollover. Check.
Yield/Munis/Treasuries imploding. Check.
Tech rolled over. Check. 
ChinaPlosion. Check.
OilPlosion. Check.
Emerging Market Implosion. Check.

Short-covering. Check.

Ok, there's only one logical conclusion: "Santa Rally here we come..."

Dow versus World

Growth / value ratio:

New highs Nasdaq 100. Or not...

New highs all U.S. markets

Relative Strength (S&P):

Breadth S&P:

Cash balances with Dow