Saturday, November 12, 2016

Stoned Rally Meet Inconvenient Reality

"It's called the American Dream for a reason, you have to be stoned to believe it"
- paraphrasing George Carlin

As of Tuesday's election and attendant referendums, recreational marijuana is now legal up and down the West Coast, EXCEPT Mexico and British Colombia. The irony can't possibly be overlooked. If a Canadian is asked at the Washington border if they've ever smoked marijuana, they are banned from ever entering the United States, by the ultimate hypocrite Uncle Sammy. Fortunately, Bill Clinton never inhaled, so he was all good. And Obama just lied so he was solid. George Bush was Born Again, so his past has been erased. I'm Born Again too, I just decided - every reader knows I can be a sanctimonious hypocrite with the best of them...

Fortunately, for a mere tax bribe of $750, you can buy a "waiver", what else:

Just Say "No"

When the zombies wake up from their stoned coma, this will be the Dow:

Pot stocks, meet reality: