Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Shock Doctrine 2.0: Thanks For Playing

The Idiocracy doesn't care about reality. The feeling is mutual. This is a DNA level problem with a DNA level solution...

First, I want to correct the Donald when he says that "NAFTA was the worst trade agreement ever". A sentiment echoed by people who don't know anything and really enjoy not knowing anything...

This is U.S. manufacturing employment:

This is the U.S. trade deficit. The jobs didn't go South, they went East, but the Idiocracy is deaf, dumb, and BLIND:

More importantly, "how did this happen?" 
Globalization was always only about one thing: Corporate profit. It was the arbitrage of the developed world lifestyle in exchange for a Third World lifestyle, all to bolster quarterly profit prior to global economic collapse. It was amplified short-term profit margins in exchange for long-term sustainable revenue. 

Corporate profits baselined to U.S. GDP:

Milton Friedman: "Never let a good crisis go to waste"