Monday, November 28, 2016

Ponzi World Is Running Out of People To Exploit

According to a tabloid prophecy circulating via internet, the U.S. economy will collapse as soon as the last true Communist, Fidel Castro, dies. The irony would be biblical since we all know that this global Ponzi Scheme is a Socialist conspiracy. Because what else could it be?

Let me start by saying that I am not an apologist for Communism, Capitalism, Socialism or any other 'ism. My forthcoming book will make clear on that subject. However, I'm waiting to publish it until the Idiocracy at large shits a sufficiently large brick to clear some of the low hanging detritus and otherwise command some attention. 

According to Margaret Thatcher, the gibe against Socialism was that "eventually you run out of other people's money". Well right back at ya honey, because when it comes to global Ponzi Capitalism - eventually you run out of people to exploit. And 'sadly' we've finally reached that latent juncture. 

And yet, I'm still stumbling across ass wipe written by boy-men blaming this global ponzi scheme on "Socialism":

"the left is hell bent on stripping those who produce of their liberty and assets"

Too late. Corporations already did that. Where did this narrative come from, 1975? You can fool Nascar RepubliCons every day all day, but unfortunately you can't fool everyone. 

Apparently it was all a Socialist scheme to hand the entire planet over to Multinational corporations for fun and profit. Trump's totally unforeseen election was another Socialist conspiracy; and 1% of citizenry having more wealth than everyone else combined, well you know...what else could it be, we can't possibly blame extreme greed. Because greed is good, everyone knows that. 

Sure. Could it be that we live in a society that is wholly devoid of conscience and is now caught between false narratives - on the left and right, neither of which explains how we got here, nor provides a solution for how to move forward? We are literally surrounded by false narratives proferred by charlatans who themselves don't seem to comprehend that we are in the advanced stages of Ponzi, hence much of what they deem to "believe in" only exists as a function of their willingness to extrapolate collapse into the indefinite future. Most if not all of what they are clinging to is already gone or on the verge of getting wiped off the map. An entire way of life that is wholly insolvent. Their egos have muscle memory where the fantasy appendage of national 'greatness' no longer exists.  

Getting back to the half-read article cited, never confuse acts of extreme desperation aka. confiscating physical cash, with a 'conspiracy'. Being a society of corrupt dunces is not a plan. 

Given all of the asinine ploys our thought dealers have attempted so far, I personally believe that mass printing and distribution of physical currency is merely a matter of time. 

It's their last option, and it will only come after most of the fake wealth has already vanished into thin air.