Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ponzi Recovery aka. Plundering Grandchildren

"They were solely preoccupied with fucking over the next several generations when they got fucked over. Shit happens, man..."

I accidentally turned on the volume while watching CNBC and I was entreated to Steve Liesman telling lies. Because, that's his name and that's his job: selling bullshit to stoned coffin dodgers. 

Who cares what he said, but it was something about GDP growth being better than expected. Via Fred, here is U.S. GDP growth less the deficit as % of GDP going back fifty years.

Obama has presided over the first Ponzi recovery in U.S. history. There wasn't one year when REAL GDP was positive net of debt. And the trend is worsening again...

Who would believe this fabrication? A comfort-seeking Idiocracy that's who. They don't care about the truth, they just want to hear bedtime stories to the very end. 

Here's the one that's going to bury them:

This is the growth/value ratio, indicating that the "big rally" is in the big rear view mirror:

S&P Momentum is crossing the smash crash level:

NYSE Composite says it's time for the shitting of bricks. But we've only seen this movie three times, so how would any zombie know? 

"Have I ever fucked you over? Recently?"