Friday, November 25, 2016

Parts Unknown

Someone with a sense of humour posted transsexual porn on the CNN web site in place of Anthony Bourdain getting shit faced and eating more food in a day than I can eat in a week, in some new locale. I couldn't tell you if the porn was lgbtqrstuvwxyz or just Kardashian. I didn't want to get a virus...

Anyone who thinks that any of this makes sense is definitely part of the problem. Ensconced in a human toxic waste dump and pretending nothing has changed. Eight balling Prozac and vodka mixed with a batch of ESPN. 

Only because the zombies around us fake-believe that this is all real and accept ever-lower standards of decency and human dignity can this clusterfuck continue. It's human debasement on an unprecedented scale. Selling body parts and human trafficking just another viewing option on Netflix.

The Vancouver news today was telling us how drug addicts in the East End now carry fentanyl antidote (naloxone), so they can revive their fellow addicts (who are then able to take another dose of fentanyl - conveniently omitted from the story). The takeaway from the story was how many lives are being "saved". Offshore money pouring into the biggest real estate bubble on the planet sponsored the story, at the expense of more recently-displaced homeless people in the East End. The news mannekin sounded sincere, that's all that matters.

Also, this week, the ever-less-relevant EconoDunce magazine ran a story on the dangers of the burgeoning new nationalism. As always, they are unflagging apologists for global slavery. At this late juncture, 1% of the world's population has more wealth than the other 99% combined, and yet they question anyone who asserts that globalization is a zero sum game:

"With his call to put “America First”, Donald Trump is the latest recruit to a dangerous nationalism"

 Like Mr Trump, leaders of countries such as Russia, China and Turkey embrace a pessimistic view that foreign affairs are often a zero-sum game in which global interests compete with national ones. It is a big change that makes for a more dangerous world.

Also at this latest stage, the current human migration is the largest in world history. There are more displaced refugees now than in the immediate aftermath of World War 2. All owing to the success of the Economist's non-zero sum game human slavery machine. But more importantly, the mass exodus from the Third World to the collapsing developed world is only going to grow at a quickening pace, hence ALL of the world's borders will ultimately be closed to new refugees. Unfortunately, we can't forklift the entire Third World into the suburbs, but we tried our best, didn't we? No amount of weekly periodical ass wipe is going to change that reality. 

Lastly, recall the Brexit vote - David Cameron quit immediately. There was no orderly transition of power, no overlap. He just quit and walked away. He was a fair-weather poser. And that is exactly who our leaders are in EVERY country around the world. Posers and con artists who are only here for the good times. And when the zombies at large figure out that their trusted psychopaths are all empty shirts, then the underwear will be permanently stained.