Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Status Quo Hangs On Labor Farce Participation

Tomorrow, The Bureau of Labor Sorcery (BLS) will consult their Magic 8 Ball to reverse engineer whatever twice seasonally adjusted number helps to get Hillary Clinton elected...

Throughout this colossal charade, the Labor Farce Participation rate has moved steadily lower, while the unemployment rate has also gone lower. Because the only way the unemployment rate goes down is when people stop looking for McJobs. Therefore, when everyone gets outsourced to make the latest quarter, the unemployment rate will be zero. And the streets will burn like the Fourth of July.

Of course this all makes perfect sense to Mayor McJob in the White House...

Speaking of Mayor McJob, as of the last jobless report, 

ZH: Oct. 7, 2016
Since 2014 The U.S. Has Added 547,000 Waiters and Bartenders and Lost 32,000 Manufacturing Jobs

But wait, this just in: