Saturday, November 26, 2016

WARNING: FAKE NEWS - See The Ponzi Or Be The Ponzi...

The Twilight Zone turned a brighter shade of asinine this week when the Washington Post blamed Russian sponsored "fake news" for interfering in the U.S. election. Doesn't everyone know that only the CIA is allowed to interfere in other countries' elections? I thought we were all clear on that...

Actually I was offended since I was not listed as one of the subversive blogs. I was talking to Putin just yesterday, he told me to keep up the good work. The lack of recognition is almost enough to make me enable comments to replace my small audience with a billion click bait trolls. No thanks.

But then, why blog at all? No statistically relevant audience (no offense), and absolutely no "recognition" from the CIA. 

You see, I blog because it's ALL FAKE NEWS now. "We" in the developed world grew up in the erstwhile penthouse. Sure, most of us were house servants, but nevertheless the view was spectacular. And for a time, if we really, really wanted something, we could get it. Even if we had to work our way up from the mail room.  

Therefore, this LAST BUBBLE is Globalization itself. It's the presumed bubble. It's the base assumption that The Economist is referring to when they say that deriding the Ponzi Scheme is "dangerous".

We must never pierce the veil of reality, because this is what we would find.

Since 2008...

Global GDP growth is slower than it was in 2008 
Global Trade is declining
Global debt has grown 50%
The U.S. housing bubble has been replaced by a Global housing bubble
Median U.S. Household Income is at 1998 levels
Globally 1% of the population owns more than everyone else
Inequality is unprecedented
U.S. capacity utilization is recession levels
U.S. Foodstamp use is all time high
U.S. GDP ex-deficit has been negative for eight years straight
U.S. Labor Force participation is at 1978 levels
Global interest rates are at a 500 year low
Global deflation is worse than the depths of 2009
Global policy-makers are out of "stimulus" ammo
The oil glut is worse than the nadir of 2009
The global commodities glut is worse than 2009
China is collapsing in real-time
Corporate profits have fallen for six straight quarters
Rest of the world stocks are at 1999 levels
The largest human migration in world history is underway 

But, remember, it's all working fine and to believe otherwise is "dangerous", so just maintain status quo until we all find out that Globalization did the exact opposite of what the Economist said it would do - instead of making every country developed, it made every country Third World. 

And while waiting to find that out the hard way, of course, BTFD: "Buy The Fucking Dow":

In other words, see the Ponzi or be the Ponzi...

U.S. Dow with cash balances: