Saturday, November 19, 2016

Loyal Corporate Drones To The End

"We work at jobs we hate to buy shit we don't need"

Emotions are running high post-election. The two Americas are moving further apart, each side guided by their own false narratives. When the collapse comes, both sides will realize they were played for multinational profit. 

The fake narratives are self-imploding amid conflicting lies and cognitive dissonance - If Trump said he's going to get hard on Wall Street why is Goldman Sachs soaring? If he's solving the debt problem then why are bonds imploding? All conflicting lies and bullshit told by the latest circus clown in office.

Now his ultra-divisive conspiracy-theorist-in-chief is on the defensive explaining that "globalists" exported the U.S. middle class to Asia and Trump will unfuck all this by restoring the glory of the insolvent coal industry, deregulating Wall Street, and increasing the oil glut. While having the insolvent Saudis pay for it all. The people who believe this serial bullshit deserve their fate.

Because the bad news is that there is no middle class in Asia. Or anywhere else for that matter. Multinationals arbitraged the developed world against the developing world, equalizing standards of living at Third World levels. And the lies are going to land on the heads of the people who believe in them...

Because the rest of the world can't afford to pay for America's exceptional bullshit anymore: