Monday, November 7, 2016

HillRally Clinton Is Priced In

Why did the Brexit vote pass to the shock of 'everyone?'. Because the 'remain' camp assumed victory and therefore didn't show up at the polls...

The Santa Claus rally came two months early this year...

Buying intensity (inverse TRIN):

On the other hand, oil is getting liquidated in size compared to November last year:

3x leveraged oil volume with 1x leveraged price:

"Our base case scenario is full bonus this year"

"Our central election expectation continues to be that (Secretary) Clinton wins the White House, with a slim Democratic majority in the Senate — quite possibly a 50-50 split with the vice president breaking the tie —and a somewhat smaller Republican majority in the House than the 246 seats they currently hold."

"The Idiocracy was deaf, dumb, and BLIND"