Friday, October 28, 2016

This Week In Ponzi Collapse

"The Idiocracy would believe ANYTHING, except reality..."


Consumption Sentiment and Real Estate both imploded this week. 

Big pharma got monkey hammered...Partly due to Billary and partly due to McKesson's imploding quarter...

Auto sales imploded:

Two failed IPOs this week...

Retail pounded. I mean Amazon:

ZH: Oct. 28, 2016
Moody's Warns Deutsche Bank Near Default

Iphoney 7++ implosion

Chinese Yuan new multi-year low

Rate of change:

U.S. Producer oil shorts highest since 2007:

The growth/value ratio imploded aka. "Risk off"

S&P breadth got obliterated:

% of stocks above 200 day moving average

The rest of the world waited for the U.S. to catch down to reality aka. "show its strength in borrowed GDP"...

"What, me worry?"
Gamblers onboarded maximum risk as indicated by index put/call ratio, Rydex bearish assets, Option skew, speculative oil positions.

Cash balances:

You know you're a fake optimist when...

As long as Facebook never rolls over, this will all be fine...