Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Last Casino

The third quarter saw one of the highest inflows on record

Investors moved an astonishing $92 billion into exchange-traded funds in the third quarter of 2016, one of the highest-ever quarterly totals, according to a report by UBS 

Equity ETFs remained the most popular asset class by far, accounting for 76% of assets under management at the end of the quarter.

So-called “smart beta” ETFs have proven increasingly popular. By UBS’s count, there are now more than 548 smart-beta funds with nearly $300 billion in assets

Nasdaq 100 with S&P % of stocks above the 50 dma. Or not...

Momo. Indeed.



Molson Coors: Founded 1786

Full retard PE ratio:




Nasdaq 100 with cash balances aka. No way out.