Monday, October 31, 2016

"Welcome To The Hotel Californication"

Maximum Risk. Exposure:

"FOMC meetings accounts for 80 percent of annual realized excess stock returns."

"That got a lot of attention on trading desks"

ZH: Oct. 31, 2016
The VIX Curve Is Sending A Warning Signal

VIX / VXV (Spot / 3 month)

Deja Vu of Brexit, volatility shorts are betting that the U.S. election will be a non-event:

2x Volatility ETF short interest:

In other words, risk exposure is at maximum, and one by one the lies will be exposed to a stunned Idiocracy ALL IN on the status quo...

"Oil futures retreated Monday on lingering negative sentiment around proposed production cuts by major oil producing nations after a weekend meeting of major oil producers made little progress."

"Morgan Stanley said in a note that the recent discussions with non-OPEC members aimed at increasing market confidence only succeeded in achieving the opposite."

Jedi Mind Trick for stunned dunces:

Fed Funds (green) with Fed balance sheet and average U.S. stock: