Monday, October 24, 2016

Representative Democracy Is Neither

If anyone had any doubts about the farce the "Two Party" cartel has devolved into, this current pseudo-election should put those to rest. The mass exodus of the fair-weather NeoCons from the Republican Party to the Billary camp means that the S.S. Status Quo is sinking and the rats are leaving the ship.

This video going back to 1988 shows that Trump was focused on "Free Trade" back during the Reagan era when the Japanese were racking up massive trade surpluses with the U.S. Fast forward three decades of accumulated debt, swap out Japan for China and the story is the same: Insolvency.

Econ 101: Capital Account = Current Account. Trade deficits = debt...

U.S. trade deficit with Federal debt (inflation adjusted):

"Corporate money has clusterfucked our democracy. Blame the Russians"

Citizens Disunited: