Monday, October 10, 2016

On The Cusp Of A Generational Shift In Everything

Believe it or not, I place my faith in the Millenials to dig their way out of this massive clusterfuck they've inherited from the worst generation in history. It will take a lot of debt repudiation and corporate "restructuring", but having three Millenials as children, I have no choice but to maintain faith...

What we are witnessing in real-time is a changing of the guard from a NeoCon dominated paradigm, remnant from the Cold War, to a new paradigm based upon the aspirations of younger people. Younger people don't have the innate biases and intolerances that today's curmudgeons cling to with rabid fervor.

This year for the first time ever, Millenials are now the largest generation by population count. However, they are less likely to vote by a factor of 20% relative to Baby Boomers which gives the older generation their last chance to call the shots.

Because after this election the number of rabid armchair Faux News watchers will go down every, single, day. Two weeks without access to their meds and this line will plummet. Call it carbon sequestration...

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