Sunday, October 23, 2016

"Globalization Worked"

It equalized standards of living between the wealthy nations and the poor nations. Just in the exact opposite way that the copious dullards who supported *Free* Trade predicted.

All for corporate fun and profit.

But they'll only figure that out on the exact same day they realize they're insolvent. The nature of an Idiocracy is to believe the exact opposite of the truth. 

"It can't happen to me"


See oil with junk bonds, for example:

Insolvent oil producers just refinanced, compliments of the futures market. 

Now, speculators are going to get buried by OPEC bullshit:

1x leveraged oil ETF

ZH: Oct. 23, 2016
IRAQ Demands Exemption From OPEC Deal

"In the old days we always reached an agreement. We all just cheated..."

3x leveraged oil ETF

Vancouver home prices with Canadian 10 year rate aka. poverty capital...

In this article on Vancouver's out of control housing market published Friday, there wasn't one mention of Global deflation, Monetary Policy, or 0% interest rates - all of which are the overwhelming factors behind the bubble. 

Everyone thinks their bubble is due to local factors...

Because it's "free money from free trade"

You have no idea...