Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Self-Interest Is Self-Destructing

"Then infinite growth met finite planet at Terminal Idiocracy. No one saw it coming..."

The Globalized era represents the pyrrhic ascendancy of the competitive consumption oriented lifestyle. A way of life that is neither scalable nor sustainable. Mutual assured bankruptcy on an unprecedented scale, now supported solely by ponzi borrowing and money printing. Yet the profoundly stoned masses embraced it with a death grip - 2008 never even happened.

Those small local businesses destroyed by Walmart were merely a speed bump on the one-way trip to economic self-destruction. Few questioned the cost of cheap junk along the way. Then when Walmart got crushed by Direct-from-China aka. Amazon, fewer still questioned the solvency of the status quo. The 'Conomy had been successfully bypassed to the benefit of the casino. 

It was free trade and free money: The unquestioned belief in imported poverty, never once questioning why 'they' still make one tenth our wages despite making everything we used to make, except cappuccinos.

A society of industry captured whores never questions its master. Until it's way too late...

S&P earnings yield with Global GDP:

"It's called the American Dream for a reason - you have to be asleep to believe it"

The Idiocratic hierarchy of needs:

"Acceptance of facts? What's that?"