Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Zero Hedge

Central Banks and algos aka. Skynet have made hedging "impossible"...

"Virtually every "name brand" hedge fund is facing redemptions to the tune of billions of dollars. The retirements of industry legends as well as the wind-down of once invincible firms make the news on a regular basis."

Carl Icahn's hedge fund:

Bill Ackman's fund which went public last year...

"Leaving aside the fact that the performance simply isn't there, investors are not immune to the shift in society at large toward data-driven decision making. Smart beta strategies and even some liquid alts have taken the "alpha" that was once handcrafted, trade by trade, and have distilled it into a "structured alpha" pursuit using factors, formulas and algorithms to do what was once the province of the emperors"

"Smart Beta" - Minimum Volatility

Maximum Flash Crash

Risk Impairity

Low Volatility. High Implosion Fund