Monday, September 26, 2016

"This Is Not Lehman" Much

"Then we fixed the debt problem by borrowing more money..."

Another eight years of non-stop bullshit and corporate Shock doctrine
CNBS blowing smoke up everyone's asses non-stop
Global risk asset correlations at 100%
Carry trades unwinding
Financials, Transports, Energy, Materials, Resources, Housing, Autos, Retail all lagging
Defensive stocks liquidating
Global stocks rolled over
Oil/commodities imploding
China/EM imploding
Epic short-covering
Mass complacency/denial
IPO market pumped and dumped
Narrowing of breadth
One year of volatility and risk bought with both hands

World's most leveraged bank imploding. Check.

China implosion. Check.

China FX reserves (black) with Aussie/JPY:

Oil with imported deflation. Check.

Carry Trade unwind. Check. 

Rest of world implosion. Check:

Retail implosion. Check.


Cyclicals/autos imploding. Check.

Bad breadth, no support beneath the market. Check.

Nasdaq new 52 week highs:

Yield liquidating. Check.

Short-covering. Check.
SPX/R2K ratio

One year of volatility bought with both hands. Check.

S&P downside gaps w/Europe and Japan

Homebuilders imploding. Check.

IPO market pumped and dumped. Check.

Same fucking morons as last time. Check.

Mass complacency - heads firmly in asses. Check.

ZH: Sept. 26, 2016
"You Can't Compare Deutsche Bank To Lehman. Much"