Monday, September 12, 2016

The Status Quo Is In Self-Destruct Mode

The U.S. election choice has been whittled down to a 90 year old collapsing pathological liar, and the biggest fucking circus clown on the planet.

In other words, a society gets the leadership it deserves.

A Corporate Disposable Society
A corporate consumption oriented society is programmed to be unhappy. Consumers are incessantly brainwashed by marketing campaigns to be in a perpetual state of dissatisfaction. In order to paper over this unhappiness, they self-medicate with pharmaceuticals, alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs, junk food, video games, binge TV and other profit-making diversions. It’s a closed loop system consisting of unhappy automatons being fed through a human meat grinder to maximize corporate profit. The vaunted “Anglo/American” transactional economic system is predicated upon an unfettered disposable workforce -  employers free to hire and fire as necessary to attain the maximization of profit. All without bearing the “externalities” thrown off by this system: poverty, divorce, and societal breakdown. Under Globalization this single-minded pursuit of profit led to the long-term stagnation of the workforce as expensive degrees and training acquired in early stages of one’s career were quickly made redundant in the middle and latter stages of career. This cycle of career obsolescence was accelerated by the offshoring of the economy and the resulting feedback loop of “free” capital, which was invested in further automation. People couldn’t retrain quickly enough so they just got thrown off by the system. The government modified its employment rate to exclude them from unemployment. They no longer existed, which made presidential speeches less awkward, allowing empty shirts to claim progress where there was none. Suffice to say, the combination of consumption gratification, burgeoning debts, career instability, family breakdown, serial asset bubbles, and self-medication, was a toxic combination, that far removed humanity from its traditional roots of family and community. Essentially Globalization created a corporatized society of medicated robots having a mission of self-destruction.