Wednesday, September 7, 2016

SMASH CRASH From All Time Highs

Skynet will unwind this fabrication in the blink of an eye...

ZH: Sept. 7th, 2016
Skynet Equity Exposure At All Time Highs
"we expect a significant increase in realized volatility, correlations and tail risk in September and October."

"the market would need to move only 1-2% lower for option hedging to push volatility higher."

Dividend stocks get overbought at the end...

Short-covering. Check.
(with Consumer Staples)

Money (Out)Flow:


Junk Bonds and Oil

Transports are "leading"

What could cause a 1-2% move lower?

Nasdaq with cash balances:

"They retreated to the safe haven of 100 P/E internet stocks"