Monday, September 5, 2016

See The Bubble, Or Be The Bubble

In order to rise 40 points in 16 months for a net 1.8% gain, the S&P endured 3 volatility shocks totaling 500 downside points...which takes its toll on the marginal zombie...

The cost of leveraging oneself to 8 years of delusion is $Everything, as I said it would be. Shockingly, throwing money away at the top for over a year, doesn't change the outcome. Hard to believe, I know.

"Each con job had to be larger and more sophisticated than the last one, despite having the exact same outcome. It was CasinoNomics by Harvard..."

Weekly money flow: indicates the amount of hard earned money being thrown down the shit hole to maintain the obligatory delusion...

All while insiders are selling with both hands:

"Robbing serial dumbfucks is capitalism"