Saturday, September 17, 2016

Occupy Liquidation Phase: Nowhere To Hide

What happens when money leaves the stock market at the end of an eight year rally?

Algos run out of liquidity. And... 

ZH: Sept. 16, 2016
Stocks Suffer An Unprecedented Volatility Shock

The last bubble is getting sold:

The "Minimum Volatility" Implosion Fund with selling pressure (red). Volume lower pane is from UVXY Volatility ETF. Horizontal blue line is the Brexit breakout level...

"Change of plans"

Cash balances (inverted):

Consumer Staples aka. "Yield" with Global GDP (red):

Liquidity by time of day (x axis), each shade of color is another day's liquidity. Thick black line was September 14th...

What happens when the world's largest stock by market cap makes its third lower high since last August? See 2008 for details...

CNBC Sept. 16, 2016
Apple Accounted For Most of Stock Market's Gains This Week