Friday, September 23, 2016

"Fool Me 20 Times, Shame On Me"

CNBC: Sept. 23, 2016
Low Treasury Yields Are Good News for Stocks

Until they're not...

There are Wall Street whores, and then there's Jim Paulsen

ZH: Sept. 23, 2016
Deutsche Bank: It May Be Over For Bank of Japan. Stay Long JPY

aka. Short USDJPY 

"It may be over for Deutsche Bank, stay short Deutsche Bank"

Speaking of Deutsche Bank

Data released this week by America’s Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation on capital-asset ratios suggested that Deutsche’s status as the riskiest of a score of big banks is worsening.

it's over for yield

Market Breadth


What happens when a bunch of fucking morons trust even bigger fucking morons...

i.e. How this was always going to end:

"No 'Conomy is good for stocks"