Thursday, September 29, 2016

Denialists Can't Afford To Be Wrong

Bailouts are considered anathema, and German officials in recent days have signaled an unwillingness to step in.

"The politicians in Germany aren't in position right now to do anything ahead of the election,"

The situation conjured dark images of the 2008 financial crisis — with the important caveat that the overall risks are nowhere near as great now as they were then.

Deutsche Bank weekly:

Global GDP (black) with S&P Earnings yield:

Two year Treasury with NYSE Composite

China (Shanghai, Aussie, Hong Kong) w/China GDP:

S&P downside gaps with Europe and Japan:

Skew / VIX ratio 

Nasdaq 100 with new highs

Money Flow

Selling pressure

Amazon versus Sears, Deutsche Bank, US 10 Year, Trade, Junk bonds


Canadian dollar with oil: