Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Competitive Debasement 2016: Clown Versus Clone

When two candidates are full time liars, which to choose?

The one who blows your brand of smoke up your ass. Then go to the voting booth and pull the slot machine handle to claim the booby prize. Act surprised. 

The only reason why Bernie Sanders is not in this race is because not enough of the right people are feeling pain yet. That's what the CapitalPlosion phase is for...

Speaking of which, contrary to mass delusion, Central Banks are not in control of this global race to the bottom, Free Trade is in control. Central Banks' job is to con as many people as possible into believing that both free trade and 0% money are really free. By all accounts they're doing a great job...

"...Now, we have come back from that abyss. And it has not been easy. So we’re now on the precipice of having a potentially much better economy"

Fed rate peaks with the stock market after semi-exact eight years:


Nikkei with BOJ assets:

Stuck in the '80s:

European stocks with combined Central Bank assets

IQ Test for stoned zombies:

Chinese stocks with GDP

Imagined Reality 2016: