Friday, August 5, 2016

0% Recovery: The Idiocracy Believes In Nothing

Filed under careful what you wish for, the Idiocracy has chosen not to see the end of this circus coming...

ZH: August 5, 2016
Today's Jobs Report Features A Massive "Seasonal Adjustment"

Obama's recovery was 100% smoke and mirrors, compliments of Central Banksters, the lamestream media, corporate psychopaths, sock puppets peddling fiction, and government statisticians...


Borrowed GDP

Printing money to buy stocks

0% Forever

Fake (Un)employment statistics

Mass layoffs to fund stock buybacks

Obama's GDP "growth" was all borrowed money:
GDP - Deficit:

ALL of the borrowed money fell to the corporate bottom line

Wages as % of GDP:

We were told that "25 year olds retired early"
Labor Participation rate for 25 to 54 year-olds:

They were all shit jobs
Part-time for economic reasons:

Yellen's own labor market indicator is screaming recession:

Bonds don't lie

2 year 10 year yield spread:

Foodstamps don't lie

Foodstamps with Labor Participation rate

Corporate profits don't lie

Recession stocks and Global GDP Don't Lie

0% Doesn't lie
0% with average U.S. stock:

ALL IN Zombies lie constantly
Cash balances:

This historically colossal charade can only end one way:

With MAXIMUM shock and awe...

ZH: Aug. 5, 2016
Rate Hike Odds Soar As Countdown to Rate Hike Resumes Again