Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Zero Sum CasinoConomy. Nothing Left To Lose.

The Kings of old were smart enough to realize you never go all in and leave the populace with nothing left to lose. We don't have Philosopher Kings we have South Park educated court jesters. Under Globalization, the hardest working people get paid the least...

The highest paid economic constituents are rent-seekers re-allocating resources from one sector to another via their crony lawmakers they installed in power. The 14,000 Special Interest Groups in Washington expect return on their investment. The other highest paid are Wall Street's casino class trading worthless pieces of paper back and forth. And slicing and dicing the economy up to be sold to the highest foreign bidder. I just read that of the 32 most established companies paying dividends, only 11 have positive revenue growth. The others are already going out of business. Ahead of schedule.   

It's a zero sum economy, except worse. Because it disincentivizes working and it incentivizes rent-seeking and crime. The inevitable consequence of zero return on labour. For now this is all still being washed over as a "racial" issue. Of course it's not. The poverty trap and its socioeconomic impacts are in no way racial. But we're not yet at the point when the lamestream masses can look their own superiority complex in the mirror, and realize it's a fucking delusion. 

These mass shootings that are now occurring in multiple batches per day, are a symptom of the rage and frustration at the zero sum status quo. The walls are closing in and at this latest stage we see capital rotating on an ever accelerating basis skimming ever-smaller profit ahead of getting trapped with no way out.

The S&P casino is the last bastion of  perceived "safety". It provides the illusion of security in a world that is literally imploding in real-time, on every dimension, due to starvation of resources.

The gamblers have yet to learn that they are paying for this very last delusion with everything. An expensive delusion indeed. Those who have nothing to lose, will lose nothing, and very likely pick up some heli-money along the way.

Payment to stop rioting. When lamestream dunces realize they just got conned for the last time. And now they have nothing left to lose either.