Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Slowly At First. Then Everything At Once

When the last vertically parabolic "safe haven" circle jerks implode, this entire shit show will collapse like a cheap tent...

At which point, the global Ponzi scheme will get "right sized"...

Let's see:
Oil is in 3rd wave down
China has lost all control over its currency
U.S. Treasury yields and JPY falling as one
Italian banks are imploding
First, Netflix went inexplicably parabolic today on massive volume. So I said, where have I seen that before...

January deja vu:
It was up over 3.5% and then gave most of it back already:

Chinese Yuan:
Rate of change:

3x leveraged oil: -17% today on massive volume

1x leveraged oil ETF versus stocks:

JPY with Treasury yields, new leg down:

Global Dow

Consumer staples:

Momentum circle jerk visualized
50 PE Corn Flakes:

No sound required: