Thursday, July 21, 2016

Nothing Was Learned In 2008

One more overnight gap 'n crap from revealing the fraud...

Seven years of constant lying followed by "surprise collapse"

Since 2008, global deflation (poverty) has grown astronomically (red) and oil has collapsed lower:

The biggest lesson not learned in 2008 is that Fiscal and Monetary policy taken to level 11 could never offset a global imbalance of trade. Now apologists for the status quo have pinned all hopes on a collapsing China's transition to a consumer economy. Even as multinationals flee the country at a record pace, and the currency is devalued on a continuing basis. It's all just lying as usual.

The status quo has been reduced to an 8 year political calculation.

Europe and Japan:

Got 'Conomy?

The gap between fantasy and reality has never been wider. A tribute to 7 years of Faux News and CasinoNomics: