Saturday, July 2, 2016

My Bad: I've Been "Wrong" For Ten Years Straight

"They played fake-believe right to the very end..."

Only now is the world waking up to the fact that Globalization has failed. Instead of making people wealthier, it's making everyone poorer. My bad. I didn't expect the zombies to be in abject denial right to the very end. 

I honestly thought there would have be an "awakening" along the way...

In 2009, when Central Banks used 0% to "fix" a debt crisis caused by 1%

When Central Banks started printing money to buy stocks

When Obama doubled 225 years of Federal debt in 3 years

When Global Trade and GDP plunged after 2010.

When Emerging Markets rolled over in 2011 with commodities.

Or when China started hemorrhaging FX reserves in 2014.

When oil plummeted in 2015 taking out the entire Energy scctor

When Global stocks entered bear market in 2015.

When U.S. Financials, Tech, Transports, Retail, Biotech and IPOs imploded in 2015

When Japan and China lost control of their currencies in 2016

In January of this year when the global 1% now own more than the other 99% combined.

When Corporate profits fell five straight quarters in a row despite record stock buybacks 

When U.S. Payrolls plunged to a six year low in May

When 4x overvalued recession stocks became the only sector that could be owned

This year when Obama is borrowing 3.3% of GDP to have at best a 2% growth rate

Or when global interest rates went from zero to negative, paying people to borrow money

When the largest monetary expansion in human history with no comparison, couldn't even dent global deflation aka. "poverty"

This week for the first time in ten years a few zombies finally woke up to the fact that *Free* Trade isn't free. Although the Elites are still in vehement denial.

One thing they all have in common however, is that they haven't thought it all the way through to their investment accounts.

Because one thing I definitely didn't predict is a vastly stoned Idiocracy ignoring all of the above and going ALL IN on "everything" at the end of a seven year 0% recovery. 

For ten years straight, I have systematically underestimated the Idiocracy.

But fortunately, that's not my fucking problem. You can lead a denialist to the truth, but you can't make him think...

Central Bank casino croupiers have lost the war on deflation and they are on the verge of losing all credibility as well...

Global yields with Global deflation:

They don't believe in *Free* Trade, but they still believe in *Free* Money. That's the next lesson they're going to learn...

CasinoConomy is a zero sum game. You either get out early, or you don't get out...

Wall Street makes its money selling "stocks", and if they can find some fucktard willing to buy them, they will sell all day long. You don't ask the barber if you need a haircut.

ZH: June 14, 2016
The Record Institutional Selling Streak Continues 

"Is now a good time to buy stocks?"
"Yes, buy everything you can. Because we're selling everything we can and we need a willing dunce on the other side of the trade"

Ok, I trust you since you've only fucked me over twice so far...

"Fear of missing out"

In an idiot feedback loop you feel rich on the way up and stupid on the way down. Don't ask me how I know. Suffice to say it's not my turn to panic...

The count stands. Locked and loaded on the right shoulder, of the right shoulder of the right shoulder aka. wave 3 down at all degrees of trend...