Wednesday, July 6, 2016

"Keep Calm And Buy The S&P 500"

"There IS no alternative..."

The S&P is getting pounded nightly by overseas stock markets and the daily Asian currency implosion...

What to expect on a global basis:

S&P ground and pound visualized:
S&P opening downside gaps with World ex-U.S.:
20 day moving average

With the S&P 500:
No moving average

With European Stocks:

Yesterday I noted a blow-off in Netflix, today it's Amazon's turn...

Low volatility implosion fund...(:15 minute timeframe):

Implosion Fund inverted with VIX:

Walmart is really hanging in there for the recession trade...

You never want to see Biotech leading the market, because you know that Skynet is running out of options, and the shit show is about to implode again...