Friday, July 22, 2016

Greed And Fear: See The Bubble Or Be The Bubble

Bubbles implode when there are no more greedy jackasses to be found...

The role of Central Banks is to recycle fear into greed. Under the most asinine of circumstances. They have no other role pertaining to the 'Conomy, other than to turn a blind eye to mass outsourcing...

Any questions?

The Idiocracy has proven that they can be conned over and over again by the exact same psychopaths. Because the truth is not an option...

And 0% is not an option either:

Cash Balances

Unfortunately, Central Banks don't control asset allocation, which is inherently cyclical:

Institutions know that bubbles are cyclical and therefore they have been selling into strength. Because in a bubble, you either get out early or you don't get out. But we've only learned that twice in the past 16 years, so how would we know? The Japanese have learned that lesson five times in 25 years, and they're still totally fucking clueless. De Facto Idiocracy. 

Price / Volume: