Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Globalized Slave Trade Is Ending

The entitlement class are the last to know. They're too busy monetizing poverty at 0% to realize they're the next ones to be monetized...

The bubble of fake optimism is about to be pierced...

Self-absorbed dumbfucks far and wide are about to realize that making Cappuccinos is not better than making semiconductors and does not command a 10x wage differential. Without ongoing Third World subsidization, the consumption oriented lifestyle will disappear overnight. Corporations have systematically put themselves out of business one mass layoff at a time.

Don't worry about Occupying Wall Street, there won't be one.  

Today's EconoDunces are about as dumb as you can be and still fog a mirror. Central Banksters are Goldman Sachs appointed alchemists who spin poverty into 0% for leveraged speculation of decaying assets. I mean "the fake wealth effect". Today's corporate media mannekins are professional deceivers with the IQ of a fucking doorknob. Today's academics are first order charlatans. And today's politicians are circus clowns ring-leading the de facto Idiocracy.

Plan accordingly. Anyone who accepts the status quo at face value, is part of the freak show. Systematically conditioned to believe that mass insanity is "normal". Questioning nothing.

Remember that last fake expansion at 1% where everyone faked it for seven years straight, until it ended with extreme dislocation, to the surprise of everyone, especially the poser in the White House? I do.

They don't:
This week in Barron's: "What, me worry?

"...Because printing money was their secret to effortless wealth. They couldn't believe that no one had tried it sooner"

Fool me three times, shame on me:
Fed balance sheet (green) and 0% (red) with stocks: