Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bremain Is Priced In. Global Collapse Is Not

TARP 2.0
Back in October 2008, post-Lehman, the first Congressional vote on the "TARP" Wall Street bailout program failed in the House of Representatives. Markets tanked on the news. Then Wall Street-funded Congressmen assured their investors that the next vote would pass. They spent the next week running around Washington collecting the votes needed to win. Markets rallied back into that next vote, which passed. At which point the wheels came off the bus...

Global Dow

Shorts have been covering all week...

Consumer staples

Small Caps


Nasdaq 100

3x Leveraged Oil

European Stocks

Aussie / Yen with China's FX Reserves:

Junk Bonds

Global Financials

Deflation with European Banks (Credit Suisse)


New lies

Dumb Beta aka. Berkshire Hathaway