Thursday, June 30, 2016

Seven Seasons of Kardashians And CasinoNomics

This is the dumbest society in human history without any comparison. A de facto Idiocracy...

Below we see the all-importance of the Dow Jones grand Casino in the perspective of a global economy in total shambles, lurching towards final collapse. It only took seven years of lying, neglect, mass layoffs, peddled fiction, Faux News and above all CasinoNomics.

"Because printing money was their secret to effortless wealth"

The global 1% have more wealth than everyone else combined, so George Soros just came out and blamed Brexit, for fucking up the "system". 

"It was all going so well. For me. Fuck everyone else..."

World ex-U.S. with global GDP growth:

U.S. Deflation

U.S. bond yields (2s, 10s):

German bund yields


Deutsche Bank
ZH: June 29, 2016
IMF Ranks Deutsche Bank As Number One Global Financial Risk

Chinese Yuan rate of change with U.S. stocks:

Global Financials

U.S. Banks

U.S. oil inventories:

U.S. payrolls (monthly):

U.S. Retail:


Corporate profits (Earnings Yield):