Saturday, June 25, 2016

"It Can' t Happen To Me". It Just Did.

My blogging days got shortened substantially yesterday. Club entitlement and Team Groupthink just got conned by their own self-interested bullshit...

Global Poverty (deflation) has been the signal for seven years straight. Greed is just the delusional noise around the signal. For the archaeological record I want to clarify how so many gamblers got "trapped" by this "Brexit" vote. Because being a greedy idiot is not a "Black Swan" Event...

Barron's: Brexit Rocks Stocks
"Some sentiment indicators, show individual investors are already close to being fully invested. U.S. households’ equity holdings at the end of March equaled 51.5% of their total financial assets...significantly above the mean of 44.4%... Other data show institutional investors and foreigners are fully invested, too"

U.S. versus Rest of the World. Stop me any time...

Rewind to June 7th:
The World Bank downgraded Global Growth again. To 2.4%. Stop me any time. 

June 8th:
The S&P was a whisker away from making a new all time high, so gamblers lifted their hedges ahead of the Fed meeting in anticipation of new highs. Subsequently, the "Brexit" vote started to gain significant momentum in the polls. European markets got pounded the week of the Fed, causing the S&P to gap down every morning, leading to an "unprecedented jump in the VIX", locking hedge funds out of the options market. U.S. stocks joined the sell-off, until "RISK" bottomed on June 16, with the untimely death of British MP Jo Cox, causing the pro-Brexit campaign to be suspended. Bookie odds going into this past Friday's referendum were 90% predicting a "Remain vote". Why? Because bookie odds had been systematically manipulated by the media ahead of the vote. Starting last weekend: Did A 25,000 Pound Wager Spark A Multi-Trillion Dollar Global Rally? Yes. 

British Pound / Dollar
Thursday: "The British currency is already trading at levels economists forecast it would reach after a decision to stay in the EU"

“Even if polls are close, people are paying more attention to the bookmakers because that was a much better predictor in past referendums.”


All of this chicanery can be seen in the oil market:
June 8th high
Wave 1 bottom with Jo Cox assassination
Short-covering rally ahead of the referendum (Wave 2):

Oil and stocks since June 8th...

The signal for seven years straight has been deflation aka. rising global poverty. Greed is just the noise around the signal. 

Anyone, I mean "Everyone" who followed the noise rather than the signal into this "Black Swan" Event. Is about to get monkey hammered into fucking oblivion...

The Hotel Californication visualized:

The lamestream media is 100% noise. Pablum for a comfort-seeking Idiocracy.

And that's a lesson they are going to learn the hard way...