Friday, June 24, 2016

PANIC TIME: Smash Crash From All Time Highs

Which country is the most leveraged? The one whose stock market closed at the all time highs yesterday. Therefore, after the first hour when hedges are monetized, losses will very likely accelerate. 

According to ZeroHedge, most puts are deep out of the money and expire TODAY. Meaning that gamblers will be MASSIVELY underhedged going into next week. And of course when volatility spikes out of reach, the only option left will be "SELL"...

Exceptional Stupidity:

Dumb Beta and ETFs in general are about to get pounded deja vu of August

3x Leveraged oil will open third wave down at least -15%

The Nasdaq 100 is deja vu of 2008

The Fed will be on the sidelines keeping their .37% powder dry

Idiocratic IQ Test: EPIC FAIL...