Saturday, June 25, 2016

MEGA SMASH CRASH: Base Case Scenario

And now for the death blow...

I pride myself on being the most bearish blogger, as an antidote for the non-stop delusional bullshit being blown up our asses everyday. However, I said two weeks ago that people would say I wasn't bearish enough. Yesterday proved that fact. I thought they were polling people across the UK instead of downtown London. I hate when I'm wrong/right...

Of course, only an Idiocracy believes that you "predict" the inevitable:

Global currency risk. Check

Oil risk. Check.

Volatility risk. Check.

Global Financials/Bank Risk. Check.

Gamma/Underhedging risk. Check.

Liquidity Risk. Check.

Global Risk Aversion. Check.

Central Bank Loss of Control. Check.

Mass Complacency. Check.

China Devaluation Risk. Check.

ETF Stop loss risk:
Dumb beta got bought on Friday. It won't get bought on Monday.

Did they learn about stop losses after 2010? The Idiocracy never learns...