Thursday, June 2, 2016

Globalization Is Unwinding

Japan and China have lost control of their respective currencies. It's clear that a large portion of Japan's $3 trillion in monetary hot money went to China. Now China fears a rate hike and Japan fears China fearing a rate hike...

The PBOC's efforts to strengthen the Yuan (red bars) are less and less effective...They reversed it hard yesterday, but it's already weakening again...

Accelerating outflows ahead of the Fed visualized:

Yen / Yuan (red) with S&P:

Stock gamblers are decoupled from reality
USDJPY versus S&P:

Skynet is trying to squeeze shorts following the OPEC non-event. But volume is heavy indicating liquidation. 

Closing all gaps ahead of the jobless report

Flash Crash / No bid market is inevitable

New Total Market 52 week highs (50 dma) with S&P 500