Tuesday, June 28, 2016

0% GRATITUDE: Maximum Pain

It's only Tuesday and Club Entitlement has already forgotten Friday. Meanwhile, Team Groupthink (Wall Street) just lifted its remaining hedges for quarter end window dressing (June 30th). These people are not grateful for:

- Where they were born
- What they already have
- Where they've been
- For the people who do the shit jobs they'd never want to do, for one tenth the income

And therefore, they just throw it all away at the casino, because 0% is not good enough for them. Unhedged faceplant. This should be quite spectacular...

Yields are correlated again, but in the wrong direction, signaling imminent economic implosion...

0%? No thanks
Rydex Cash Balances

North American Active Investment Manager Exposure Index:

"Desperately seeking yield"

Municipal Bonds

Junk bonds

Crude oil with Exxon (red)


Johnson & Johnson