Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Black Swan In Arrogance aka. Island Reversal Of Fortune

Deep pocketed elitists were consistently bidding up the bookie odds of "Remain" ahead of the Brexit vote. Causing Wall Street to lift their hedges and leading to trillions in unhedged losses.  In other words they monkey hammered Globalization. The irony can't be overlooked...

 PonziWorld June 23, 2016
All In @Global Meltdown
"Gamblers are betting heavily that volatility implodes, rather than explodes..."

Throughout the Brexit campaign, the voter polls and Betting odds were never in agreement. The Bookies' odds showed "Remain" consistently in the lead by wide margins for weeks leading up to the vote. If you look at this chart (green line), the "Remain" odds were greater than 65% the entire time...

Brexit is being blamed for global turmoil, but "someone" systematically misled people about the odds of it happening:

ZH: June 20, 2016
Did A 25,000 Pound Wager Send Trillions in Assets Soaring?
"We took a £25,000 bet on Remain this morning which helped move the odds in their direction."

PonziWorld: June 20, 2016
Global Short-Covering Rally: Sigh of Brelief
"Futures are rallying pre-market due to a jump in the "Bremain" camp." 

Those collective bets on "Remain" ironically didn't just send trillions in assets soaring, so far they have generated trillions in realized losses...all because some elitists wanted to skew the vote in favour of "Remain"

Bloomberg June 21, 2016
Voting Polls and Markets Disagree In Final Hours
“Rising anticipation that ‘Remain’ will win the vote is driving the market. Even if polls are close, people are paying more attention to the bookmakers because that was a much better predictor in past referendums.”

"The British currency is already trading at levels economists forecast it would reach after a decision to stay in the EU"