Saturday, May 21, 2016

There's No Free Lunch. And No *Free* Trade

The Idiocracy still hasn't figured out that 0% represents extreme poverty and everything is correlated under Globalization. EVERYTHING...The same guy who says he only owns the S&P 500 told me that he buys everything from now, same day delivery. I said that's great except retailers are getting obliterated. He got a degree in partying from an Ivy League, but made no connection. Bueller, Bueller...

This will be the lesson they never forget...

Uncreative destruction
Amazon and Sears:

Amazon rolled over this week, which portends badly for the safety of the S&P 500:

On a similar note but on a global basis, Fed policy went back into obliteration mode this week:

One year Treasury yields with stocks:

Treasury yields inverted with Chinese Yuan:

U.S. deflation with Oil:

Fed policy visualized: