Thursday, May 19, 2016

Fiddle Fucking While Rome Burns: Revealing The Fraud

Generation Madoff conned themselves this time...all that's left of this circus is revealing the fraud...

Overwhelming risk in every direction, yet the burden of proof is still on the bears. It's unbelievable. We are ALL guilty of propagating the delusion of the status quo now, to varying degrees. Yesterday I posted this article indicating that the 50 week moving average was crossing under the 100 week moving average, with downside to 1500. In other words when the global financial system final implodes, the casino will magically stop 20% lower to allow more gambling. Sure. Why not, we'll believe anything now...this is not about stocks, this is about Globalization which is imploding in real time. The casino is only the facade hiding the damage wrought by decades of corporate Shock Doctrine. It's where sheeple go to throw their life savings away while worshipping at the altar of sheer fantasy. As always, encouraged by a financial services industry that has already proven to be 100% fraud, run by a generation of Bernie Madoffs.

Pure fraud visualized. The financial services industry is imploding:

The damage is done. The event is called "sell". Volume will bring volatility will bring panic. There are no buyers under this fabrication. They've all been sucked in by seven years of lying at 0%.

The casino is going to zero.

Any other prediction is totally asinine and will be more fuel to the fire when the sheeple realize they've been conned by everyone they trust. 

"The good news is that your money is in the Cayman Islands. The bad news is that it's not your money anymore"