Sunday, May 1, 2016

Crash From All Time Highs

"No one saw it coming. Because printing money was their secret to effortless wealth"

"Don't worry, we're decoupled from Globalization"
Global stocks versus U.S.:

China crack-up boom
Record high oil inventories, record long oil futures, fake rally
Record junk bond inflows
Record municipal bond inflows
Massively overowned dividend stocks
EVERY sector rolled over
Record low Rydex cash balances
Nasdaq third wave down
Financials third wave down
Low volume/volatility
Low put volume/extreme complacency
JPY RISK OFF out of control
Price momentum, breadth mometum, money flow rollover
GDP - 3% ex-deficit
Fifth quarter of profit decline, amid mass layoffs

Massive insider selling. For a reason...
Profit yield:

Despite record monetary stimulus, China's economy is re-entering stall mode...

Reuters May 1, 2016
China PMIs Raise Doubts About Sustainability of Recovery

"South Korea reported April demand from China was the worst in three months, with exports to its biggest market tumbling 18.4 percent on-year."

"China's factories continued to shed workers, with staff cuts quickening from the previous month"

"China's Big Five banks reported last week that their bad loans had increased by 53.2 billion yuan ($8.21 billion) in the first quarter."