Friday, May 27, 2016

Corporate Emancipation Is What We Seek. And Nothing Less.

According to the bible, it took 10 fold plagues to free the Hebrews from captivity under Pharaoh...that same event, retold annually for thousands of years, meant less than nothing to the Ponzi schemers who created human history's largest slavery trade, also known as the de facto "status quo" aka. "Globalization" aka. the Globalized Ponzi scheme...

Now, in a too late to even matter admission of reality, no less than the IMF is questioning the efficacy of Globalization:

ZH: May 27, 2016
In Stunning Reversal, IMF Blames Globalization For Spreading Inequality and Market Crashes

Where to begin...

The article starts out by asserting that in 1982 Milton Friedman hailed Chile as an "Economic Miracle". That country began its economic reforms in the early 1970s under the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, so they had a multi-decade headstart. See chart below...

Need I continue?
The penultimate poster child for economic success under the Friedman model has GDP scarcely higher than a total fucking basket case serial-bankrupt nation. Meanwhile Norway protects its domestic markets and yet handily doubles the U.S. in per capita GDP. 

In other words, it's WAY too late for the IMF to start to come clean on the human catastrophe they have funded for decades.

Because just like 10 fold plagues visited ancient Egypt in biblical days, so too will 10 fold plagues now visit Globalization in modern times. And by the end of it, the arbiters of the slave trade will wish they had never had any part in it.

Capital will work for humans instead of humans working for capital. 

But one thing we do agree upon: Plague #1 is a market crash that will make 1929 seem like a happy picnic. 

"The ancient Rabbis contrasted God's sovereignty with the rule of Rome. Rome seeks its own glory, wars against other peoples to subjugate them, revels in material existence, lives off the work of slave labor, allows many to die of poverty and starvation, and promotes entertaining circuses and gladiator spectacle. The Rabbis, picturing redemption, remark that the messianic age will be recognized when an end is brought to the rule of wickedness." - Solomon Schechter