Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Blow-Off Top In Stupidity: What We've Been Waiting For...

MW: May 10, 2016
Amazon Will Reach $1000 Within A Year

“Amazon does not trade anywhere near what we think it is worth on a fundamental basis,” said Bernstein analyst Carlos Kirjner."

Amazon is the least profitable retailer OTHER than the ones going bankrupt right now...

Finance for FULL RETARDS aka. "Free money forever"
Amazon embodies today's 0% infinite future fantasy...wherein future profits are discounted by an infinite growth rate. It's the exact same as Warren Buffett's Dow 100,000 concept. They're not smart enough to realize that 0% represents extreme poverty and a missing economy, but they'll learn...Clearly January didn't teach the lesson (blue arrow), so this fifth wave overthrow will do the trick, since it will have a shelf life measured in hours...

I see fifth waves everywhere...


Molson Coors


Lockheed Martin

Phillip Morris